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Visiplast Display is a family company specializing in the design and manufacturing of standard or custom-made plastic products. We mainly work for






From design to delivery, your projects take shape, backed by a highly competent team of around thirty people working on a 3×8 shift basis.


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We have 5,000 sq. m of floorspace in our premises, only 1 hour from Paris


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Visiplast and the environment

Environmental compliance is a major issue for Visiplast Display.

Through tangible initiatives, every day the company helps conserve the environment
In order to conserve resources, and following an energy audit (EPEE 2020), Visiplast launched a large number of initiatives, including among others (non-exhaustive list):

Photovoltaic panels

Installation of 700 sq. m of photovoltaic panels on the roof of our building.

Non-potable water.

Use of water from a borehole for all non-potable water needs.

de plastique

Use of Bioplastic in the manufacture of certain products.

Energy-efficient items

Similarly, various more energy-efficient items of equipment have been installed (electric presses, lighting of the building by LED, cooling of the presses by thermoconvector, variable speed compressor, etc.)

Reduction of gas consumption

Heat recovery from the compressor to reduce gas consumption.


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