A new building at Visiplast Display

In order to modernize its structure and reorganize its workshops a new building has been built.

All the offices of the administrative services have been moved to this extension with a surface area of 200 sq. m, adjacent to the older building.

This new building, respecting the very latest environmental standards, has allowed us to reorient and streamline circulation within the company, while providing better working conditions for employees and better reception facilities for visitors.

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Visiplast switches to LED lighting

As part of its CSR approach, in order to save energy and reduce its ecological impact, Visiplast Display has decided to replace all of the lighting in its buildings by switching to more efficient LED lighting.

Thanks to the gain in efficiency of the lighting, the investment represents a saving of around 120,000 kWh per year, i.e. the equivalent of 24 houses (nearly 4,700 kWh per household according to data from the energy commission dating from 2016).

Likewise, in addition to the reduction in energy consumed, the investment means lighting with a much longer lifespan and therefore generating much less waste in terms of used neon.

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A new clean room at Visiplast Display

To improve the quality of its cosmetic products Visiplast Display has decided to invest in a new clean room.

With a surface area of 200 sq. m consisting of 5 units (airlock included), this clean room was installed in place of the old offices that were no longer used.

Thanks to this new industrial tool, dedicated to the production of seals for cosmetics, Visiplast Display can further improve the quality of its products.

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