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Perfumed products

To add a fourth dimension to you ideas, we produce under license thermoplastic perfumed elastomers. An asset to appeal to your clients.

Such produced objects restitute the scent for about 12 months. The use of perfumes enforces the memorization effect.

Products developped with partners companies.


5 reunited functions : A4 pad holder, label holder, pen clip, 20 cm long ruler included and customizable marking area.

Stiff support really handy for any work on stand up situation (outdoors, store...). Injected in recyclable PP.

PP made paper clip

Dimensions : 155 x 60 mm.

Design and customized marking on demand.

Snap link with integrated spring

Max load : 5 kg.

Dimension : 95 x 40 mm, Ø 8 mm.

Design and customized marking on demand.