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Profile allowing to hold a sheet or a poster by gripping it.

Without adhesive

Ref.GRI SA 011

With adhesive on top

Ref. GRI FA 011

With adhesive on the side

Ref. GRI CA 011


Mural sleeve

PVC sleeve folded to display in A4 landscape format.

With magnetics strips Ref. DAC 05F01 000
With adhesive Ref. DAC 05F02 000

Other sizes on demand.


Sleeve in crystal PVC one fold with perforated eyelets to hang.

A3 Portrait

297 x 420

Ref. POP PO 0A3


210 x 297

Ref. POP PO 0A4


148 x 210

Ref. POP PO 0A5

A4 Landscape

297 x 210

Ref. POP PA 0A4


210 x 148

Ref. POP PA 0A5